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Among all the remarkable occupations in this huge world, fishing is one of them. The fishery has been a part of science for centuries and several developments of science and technology have been taken place in the field of fishing. The days to just to track a fish with a fishing net in a pond and getting a fish after waiting for hours are gone. Now people have become much more conscious and application of technology has taken place in all the fields including fishing. Many scientific instruments based on latest technologies have come into existence which boosted the occupation of fishing and implemented a large scale advancement in the fishery. One of such instrument which have earned a great popularity is Fish Finder. As the name suggests it is vividly clear to each and everybody that the intention to make use of this instrument is to find a fish. Now let us get into a bit detail of it.

When people go for fishing, they attach fish finder to their boats. As this is a sonar instrument, it helps to measure the quantity of fishes at different depths in the water below. Fish finders are available of several brands and of several types. Each and every year the rating of fish finders generally get altered based on the applications, advantages and popularity. Based on the latest analysis of fish finders and judging all of their pros and cons, the details about top ranked fish finder is discussed over here. Presently, the best Fishfinder is Garmin Fishfinder 140. It has a 4.7-Inch display and dual-beam transducer which helped it to tank in the top list of the latest analysis of fish finders. It is truly the best solution to catch fishes and have earned the fame of the best fish finder from a huge mass of people, but apart from this there are many other fish finders like Humminbird 161 Combo 4-Inch fish finder which is having waterproof GPS facility and chart plotter techniques, Humminbird PiranhaMAX 160 PT 4-Inch Fishfinder which is also waterproof and having a dual beam transducer and the same type 4 Inch is also available. There are many other popular fish finders but the ones mentioned over here are at the top lists presently. The special features of Gasrmin Fishfinder 140 which is the best fish finder presently are enlisted as given below:

• It has a completely featured Sonar which is having a display of 4.7 Inch.
• The Sonar in it having ultrascrol facility with a very high rep rate.
• It is also comprising of a dual beam transducer which enhances the job of quantitative fishing.
• The view distance from the instrument can be adjusted with narrow mode which is about 14 feet to wide mode which is about 45 feet.
• It has a high dynamic range and posses autogain technology for more fishes to be visible.

Thus, it can be concluded that Gasrmin fish-finder 140 is the best fish-finder for ideal fishing which saves time and labour simultaneously.